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VNCtalk Enterprise is a state of the art web-based real-time communication solution. With features such as chat, multi-participant video conference, screen sharing – and even more functionalities that we will explore in future publications. In terms of security, VNCtalk Enterprise stands out from the rest, based on leading open source technologies for an unrivaled level of transparency. For added security, VNCtalk Enterprise can be audited at any time by specialized companies. We ensure that no hidden backdoors are present and that any potential security threats are quickly fixed. As a result, enterprises take full advantage of superfast development in the global open source movement.

Do you need to replace WhatsApp and/or Skype in your organization?

VNC understands your needs. For this reason, we are currently looking for candidates for a free (as in free beer) implementation of VNCtalk Enterprise. Register now to participate and win a one year license of VNCtalk Enterprise for 100 users. Furthermore, VNC will also help you up to 1 day to install and configure VNCtalk Enterprise remotely. The price has a value of up to 10k USD! You decide where your conversation data is stored. Either on-site on your own servers or at any location of your choice.

The winner will receive:

  • 1 Year of VNCtalk Enterprise – Desktop Version for 100 users
  • 1 Year of VNCtalk App – Android Mobile App for 100 users
  • 1-day remote service for the installation of the VNCtalk Enterprise Server

Register now for our giveaway to win a one year subscription license for VNCtalk Enterprise for 100 users plus installation!

VNCtalk – Web-based Real-Time Communication: chat, video and audio conferencing, screen sharing. Just in your browser. Read more.

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