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New features!
VNCcalendar is an important part of our VNClagoon business software stack.

With this new version we enhanced the event preview. So when you hover your mouse over an appointment, the preview will show you more attributes of your appointment. The icons for the attendance are completely new, so you can easily select your attendance (accept, decline, tentative). You will also receive notifications, in case the event owner makes changes to an appointment you are invited to. We have added a new time indicator, so when you open your VNCcalendar you will see a small red indicator line on the current date and time to improve the orientation in VNCcalendar. One of the most important new features is an option to recover deleted items from the trash. We all make little mistakes from time to time. 😉

In the mobile version we added a new „list view“ to the calendar view modes, improved the „quick add appointment“ layout and added a notification popup for moved event series.

Of course we fixed some minor bugs, too. For example, we improved the layout of the date format in the list view of each calendar. Appointments can now handle multiple attachments at a time, and we have set the synchronization of access rights.

Read about all features, changes and fixes in our Release Notes!

You can find more information about VNCcalendar on our website or just write us an email to

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