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VNCchannels 1.4 has been released!

VNCchannels is our newest VNClagoon product and delivers some exciting new features in release 1.4.

About VNCchannels: VNCchannels is your place to store data, to search and retrieve information and to generate knowledge – collaboratively! All your content including text, files, images, videos and more finds its place in persistent channels organized by topics and tags. And as all our VNClagoon products, VNCchannels is seamlessly integrated into our VNClagoon stack.

New Video Topics
With the new Video Topics you can add videos super fast in your Channels: you either embed the video with a link (e.g. from Youtube or Vimeo) or upload the video directly as a file, then you add the title and further information such as tags, if you like. Your video will now be available in the Channel you selected, where you can play it, comment on it, share it and much more. This enables you to create a video library in no amount of time. Add and find videos much faster in your Channels!

New Analysis Topics
The new Analysis Topic is a special type of Topic, which has similar functionalities as a regular Topic content type, but serves a different purpose. An Analysis Topic is a condensation of e.g. research texts, fact finding documents or comprehensive studies and has the goal to deliver a concise version of something, especially a text. The Smart Objects used in Analysis Topics are in particular:

  • Smartlink is an object that contains links to various objects (Channels, Topics, comments, chats, emails, files, broadcasts, tasks…) within VNClagoon. A Smartlink can also contain multiple links.
  • Highlight is an object that highlights and emphasizes text (one word or a phrase) that is of specific importance to the author.
  • Stickynote is an object that allows to add a meta comment to a selected word or phrase. A stickynote may have 6 colors.
  • Reference is an object delivering further information inside a Topic article about source documents, quotes or background information. The in-text references or citations are placed next to the text that is paraphrased or quoted. The full details of all references are shown as a list of numbered footnotes at the end of the article, similar as in Wikipedia.

A selected text (one word or a phrase) can have multiple Smart Objects applied to it (for example: 1 highlight, 3 smartlinks, 2 stickynotes, and 1 reference).

Scheduled Topics
With VNCchannels version 1.4 you are now able to schedule Topics. For example, if you need to communicate a press release, a blog post, an event invitation or a product release on any certain date in the future, you can now prepare the Topic in advance. Schedule a date to publish the Topic and cross the “topic” off your todo list.

Channels can now be marked as „Favorites“ to put them on top of the Channel list. This makes it much easier to find and retrieve important information.

Related Topics
Build Mind Maps with Topics and link them to each other to gather similar but yet different Topics.

Tags and Mentions
Now you can use tags to find all Topics of a certain category and you can mention other users in the Topic description. The mentioned users will be notified.

File Drag & Drop
Create a topic with images and use the option to “drag&drop” the images directly to the Topic from your device.

Detailed information about the VNCchannels 1.4 Release can be found in our Release Notes.
Further information about VNCchannels can be found here, or just contact us: or

VNCchannels is the perfect place to safely store your data as well as to search and retrieve information – a central information hub and your knowledge library.

Have a look at the new features and improvements of VNCchannels 1.4:

Video Topics

Schedule Topics

Add Channels to Favorites

Mentions and Tags in Topic descriptions

VNCchannels – rich in collaboration features
Channels serve as containers for Topics: all kinds of content including text, files, images, videos, analyses, smartlinks, stickynotes and more find their place in persistent Channels organized by Topic and tags.

You can create public or private Channels and Topics, whereby you decide who has access to which content within your organization – either everyone or invited persons only. You can assign roles to define who can work on the Topic’s content as a participant and who is able to manage the Channel or Topic as a moderator.

“Smart Link” any object of your choice, for example related Topics, emails, tasks or tickets to establish a traceable connection! And use the power-search to locate any kind of content you are searching for.

You are the master of your Channels! To adapt the presentation of information in VNCchannels to your personal needs, you can subscribe to various Channels or Topics. And you can share your insights by leaving likes or comments. VNCchannels offers different viewing modes (tile views with previews) for you to select from. By pinning a Channel you can define what information grabs your eye first on your Channel Dashboard. The display of Topics is also customizable.

What is a Channel?

A Channel is a container for various topics enabling the management of users, permissions and subscriptions. A Topic is a post in a Channel with varying content, which can be collaborated and commented upon by its members according to their permissions.

Social Channel is a special case of a Channel that does not contain the regular Topic content types but Social content only.

What is a Topic? Topics are articles or blog posts that can be created using various Content Types:

The regular Topic is a generic article that can contain a wide variety of content such as text, images, files, videos. It is similar to a blog post

Video Topics

Video Topics are for adding a video as the main object in a Topic. The video can be uploaded as a file or embedded from a video service (Youtube, Vimeo and others). Furthermore, a user can add a description that explains the video or gives additional information.

Analysis Topics

The Analysis Topic is a special type of Topic, which has similar functionalities as a regular Topic content type, but serves a different purpose. An Analysis Topic is a condensation of e.g. research texts, fact finding documents or comprehensive studies and has the goal to deliver a concise version of something, especially a text.

The Smart Objects used in Analysis Topics are in particular:

– Smartlinks
– Highlights
– Stickynotes
– References

By using Channels and Topics you can store and collaborate on any kind of content like text, images, hyperlinks or files in one central place. Thereby, you gain a much better overview and a variety of more options than by using chats or group chats only, where you might end up scrolling through a complete chat history. The comment hierarchy in VNCchannels allows a more structured discussion than in a group chat or in tickets, as helpful as these tools are for your work! While a chat is a great tool for quick responses, VNCchannels is designed to give you the liberty you need to brainstorm, to gather ideas and materials for longer-term projects and to collaborate easily and securely on tomorrow’s innovation. This will be incredibly useful for example when you are using VNCtalk for e-Learning or within your R&D departments.

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