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In our joint webcast with Avaya we introduce the Action Wheel and demonstrate the benefits of the seamless integration between Avaya and VNClagoon..

The Action Wheel is a platform of communication tools for simple, efficient and secure communication and collaboration, entirely independent of the end devices and with complete flexibility in the choice of the hosting location.

The desired software applications can be combined individually and modularly. Companies can thus create a perfect working environment and design it according to their wishes and requirements. Modules can be selected that build on each other, complement existing software solutions and offer real added value for the organization.

The Action Wheel combines modules from VNClagoon and Avaya to create an innovative software suite that combines the best of both worlds. The focus is on user experience, secure communication and collaboration, and data security.


Activity Based Working done right

Home office or mobile working has now evolved into a progressive trend that is sure to outlast crises and backward-thinking companies: Activity Based Working (AWB). This is more than just a new buzzword for hybrid working. It’s about creating the best possible working environment depending on the task at hand, because that’s the only way everyone can achieve the best results together.

We show you how this works in detail in our joint Webcast with Avaya: “We have reinvented the wheel – the Action Wheel as a secure communication platform”.

Speakers: Daniel Reuter, Business Development Manager at Avaya and Andrea Wörrlein, Managing Director of VNC.

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