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We’re just back from the Intel Vision EMEA 2024 in London and it was a blast! Thank you to everyone involved at Intel for having us as a Bronze Sponsor and for making this experience so memorable and successful.

The last weeks were quite a journey for us, since Intel inspired us to join the AI PC Acceleration Program and we kicked off our VNClagoon AI development sprint.

Now, VNClagoon is a solution optimized on Intel on the security side with SGX as well as on the edge/client side, with AI models optimized with OpenVino, running on the Intel Core Ultra processors. We are thus able to offer a perfect match with silicon, highly optimized and secured software and best services in one solution.

Getting the AI components running on the Meteor Lake systems and making them work within VNClagoon was a big step forward.
We presented the solution at our booth and are grateful that Bernd Rodler had the opportunity to participate as a speaker in various breakout sessions and panels.

We’d also like to thank Bechtle for supporting these activities and for having Martin from the VNClagoon Competence Center join us in London.

Some impressions from Intel Vision 2024:

What did we achieve in those short weeks?

We managed to embed AI components within VNClagoon, namely adding the AI Agents Vincent and Vincenta to the VNCfluid dashboard for each user to privately access.

Furthermore the AI component is present in VNCtalk as a 1:1 chat between Vincent and the user. Within group chats, you can now add the AI Agent as a participant to the group chat, if required. Then you can click on the „Enable AI“ button and address the AI with „@Vincent“ to enter your prompt. The retrieve will be displayed clearly visible as AI generated in the group chat.


Confidential AI with VNClagoon – the key facts:

  • VNClagoon running on latest Intel AI PC processors are the perfect fit to lift modern communication and collaboration to the next level
  • Intelligent search and chatbots operating on the PC in low power are key to the democratization of AI while protecting the users’ privacy.
  • The real-time indexing of all content from any VNClagoon product allows prompting to Solr.
  • The integration of e.g. Llama models brings the power of AI to your local data.


First steps towards Confidential AI in VNClagoon:

Various components of the mentioned AI flow such as the LLM, Vector Store reside on the local Intel Core Ultra (Meteor Lake) system, making Confidential AI possible.
The data themselves are hosted securely within the VNClagoon environment, prompting exclusively the company‘s own data, and access to external sources is only triggered upon explicit request.

Why do we prefer OpenVINO?

✔ OpenVino optimizes models during conversion to IR format, including XML description of model topology and .bin file with “weights” and binary data

✔ OpenVINO runs on GPU/CPU/NPU, on IntelMeteor Lake

✔ Using OpenVino’s optimized IR model significantly boosts speed

✔ Saving to IR in FP16 reduces model size by about 50% and consumes less runtime memory during loading and compiling

We used Intel OpenVINO in VNClagoon for optimization and gained around 50% regarding model size and performance.

Of course, this achievement is only the start of the VNClagoon AI journey and we‘ll continue to invest time and resources.

We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Intel and Bechtle. The aim is to provide VNClagoon as an AI-enabled, privacy-aware and innovative enterprise software stack that makes secure as well as productive business communication and collaboration possible.

With all our products, the security of your data is of utmost importance. Keep important information where it belongs – within your company!

Detailed information on the VNClagoon Communication & Collaboration Suite can be found at

The VNClagoon Communication & Collaboration Suite, along with its apps, facilitate secure work environments that comply with data protection standards, ensuring the preservation of digital sovereignty. Customers and partners retain the freedom to select their preferred hosting location, whether it be On Premise, within a private cloud, or in a public cloud setting.

Would you like to see the VNClagoon Suite live in action?

Simply register on VNClagoon LIVE, our reference implementation of our VNClagoon communication and collaboration stack!

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With all our products, the security of your data is our top priority. Keep important information where it belongs – under the control of your company!

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