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To date, the topic of IT security in mobile business communication has primarily focused on the software used, the IT infrastructure – including secure hosting, on premise or in a European, protected cloud – and awareness training for the workforce. Comprehensive protection against phishing, Trojans and other malware is also being taken very seriously.

But what about the hardware?

In the best case scenario, laptops and PCs in companies are provided and tested in advance, equipped with the necessary programs and fully supported. Internal usage guidelines protect sensitive data by strictly separating business and private use. However, this only covers part of the hardware used.

Mobile communication and collaboration are becoming increasingly important in companies. Users are used to communicating and accessing data spontaneously. This is why the proportion of mobile business communication via smartphones and tablets in companies has risen significantly in recent years. And, of course, mobile phones are not only used for making calls. Accessing business data or documents, reading and sending emails, collaborating via messenger and using them for video conferences and online meetings are just the most important business application scenarios.

A good mobile security strategy must be developed to ensure seamless data protection, data security and data sovereignty, and this starts with the software and hardware.

Whether for private or business use, almost no one can ignore the iPhone or the big brands such as Google Pixel, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi or OnePlus. Android and iOS are easy to use, offer numerous features and new applications can be installed in seconds via the common app stores. But this is precisely where the problem lies. Although there are ways – at least with most hardware and software manufacturers – to prevent the installation of third-party applications on business phones, the devices still continuously transmit countless data to the manufacturers, usually via servers abroad. Many VPN service providers also fail to deliver what they promise. It is therefore imperative to reconsider the use of these devices for business purposes.

The German manufacturer Volla Systeme GmbH is tackling these problems and wants to make things better with the Volla Phones.

Starting with the production of the devices in Germany in cooperation with Gigaset, followed by two different operating systems, Ubuntu Touch and Volla OS, a Google-free Android (no calling home to Google), to the independence from proprietary clouds. With Volla, basic apps such as telephony and address book are replaced by curated, open source apps and the system is protected by an optional VPN. Clever tools such as “Springboard”, a personalized “one-point menu” and “dynamic collections” in a minimalist design speed up and simplify interactions.

We took a close look at the Volla Phone and of course wanted to know: How well do Volla Phones and VNClagoon play together?

We have extensively tested the elegant flagship model Volla Phone 22 and the X23 model (military standard MIL-STD-810H, IP68 dust and waterproof) with VNClagoon.

The setup is very simple: VNClagoon products such as VNCtalk, VNCmail, VNCcontacts, VNCtask, etc. are available as Android installation packages (APKs) and can be installed in no time at all.
Then simply log in with your user data and you’re ready to go.

In addition to the uncomplicated use of our VNClagoon applications, we were also impressed by other aspects of the Volla Phone: Even before a corresponding EU standard has to be implemented by all manufacturers (2027), the battery of the Volla Phones 22 and X23 can be replaced by the user and is therefore more sustainable than in many standard models.

As we all know, two are better than one and here we not only have the option of using two SIM cards, but also the option of dual boot, i.e. the use of two operating systems.

Conclusion: all VNClagoon apps run smoothly on the Volla Phones! Of course with SQL DB – i.e. with offline functionalities! Using the VNClagoon apps on the Volla Phones is intuitive and the performance is great.

The following apps offer a very intuitive and sophisticated user experience for your mobile communication:

VNCtalk: Professional real-time communication – chats, group chats, video and audio conferences as well as screen sharing, voice messages, broadcasts, document collaboration and much more
VNCmail: The completely new way of corporate communication, emails at their best
VNCcontacts: Professional contact and address management
VNCcalendar: Calendar software for professional appointment management
VNCtask: Task management & to-do lists, easier than ever before. Stay organized. Anytime and anywhere!

VNCtalk on the Volla Phone:

Software and hardware (VNClagoon and Volla Phone) – can be flexibly adapted to the (security) needs of your company.

All VNClagoon apps have been developed based on the highest security standards and are based on Angular technologies.

They are clearly structured and intuitive to use. Encryption is carried out via S/MIME, 2-factor authentication and OMEMO. The open source code is transparent and auditable for customers.

In summary, it can be said that VNClagoon in combination with the Volla Phone is predestined for the use in security-relevant environments, for example in public and government institutions.

The X23 model is also resistant to MIL-STD-810H, dustproof and waterproof to IP68 and therefore also an option for emergency services, for example fire departments and desaster control. Due to the open-source software, the operating system and applications can be checked at any time, ensuring greater safety and less susceptibility to faults in critical areas of use.

It’s fantastic that our VNClagoon apps run so smoothly on the Volla Phones. This enables us to provide our partners and customers with an even higher level of security at hardware level. As a result, our wide range of professional applications will even better meet the work and communication requirements of users in terms of data protection, security and user-friendliness.

Andrea Wörrlein, M.A.

Managing Director of VNC in Berlin and member of the Board of Directors of VNC AG in Zug

The VNClagoon apps are a perfect fit for our Volla Phones with Volla OS. Unlike many other apps that promise cyber security, they do not rely on Google Play services, especially Firebase push notifications. It only became known at the end of 2023 that these are systematically monitored by US intelligence¹. Together with open-source mobile device management, companies and other organizations can obtain a solution that protects sensitive data without compromising GDPR compliance.

Dr. Jörg Wurzer

Managing Director Volla Systeme GmbH

With the discount code VNCONVOLLA you will receive a 5% discount in the Volla Phone Shop. To test VNClagoon right away, we recommend our VNClagoon LIVE environment.

Detailed information on the VNClagoon Communication & Collaboration Suite can be found at, more information about Volla Phone on

The VNClagoon Communication & Collaboration Suite and the VNClagoon apps enable data protection-compliant, highly secure working and help you to maintain your digital sovereignty. Customers and partners also have the freedom to choose where the software is hosted: On Premise, in a private or public cloud.

Remote administration and secure user & account management in VNCdirectory, long-term support, first-class open source software solutions, 2-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, as well as clever & useful integrations make VNClagoon perfect for handling sensitive documents, information and communications that are subject to confidentiality, such as VS-NfD documents.

Would you like to see the VNClagoon Suite live in action?

Simply register on VNClagoon LIVE, our reference implementation of our VNClagoon communication and collaboration stack!

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With all our products, the security of your data is our top priority. Keep important information where it belongs – under the control of your company!

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About Volla Phone / Hallo Welt Systeme UG
In 2017, Dr. Jörg Wurzer founded Hallo Welt Systeme UG at the Remscheid site in Germany, which later became Volla Systeme GmbH. In order to be and remain independent, the entrepreneur relied on his own capital and crowd funding. After almost 3 years of research & development and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first Volla Phone was launched in 2020. In the meantime, thousands of smartphones have been sold in over 55 countries around the world. The independence from investors not only allows consistent and long-term privacy protection, but also completely new ways: away from the focus on apps and cloud dependency, towards the focus on simplicity and independence from the cloud.
Volla works with regional suppliers and a production site in Germany. The company also works with German partners for the IT infrastructure. Design and development is done by an international, highly motivated team. Read more:

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