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The Internet is a haven of possibilities – and also, unfortunately, of security risks. Many people face issues with identity theft at least once in their life. One of the obvious reasons is an insecure password. Although regular password changes are recommended, almost no one follows that rule. Often the passwords are way too easy to crack (get password tips here) and only one layer of authentication is not enough in most cases.

Imagine the following situation: News reports about leaked data might be delayed, so you will hear about an exposed critical database days, weeks or even years after the data were leaked to a third party. Depending on which companies are affected, criminals would be able to access your user data, or even worse they could get their hands on social security numbers and address information.

This might also happen to your own company and lead to an exposure of your customers’ data or other sensitive information.

This is where 2FA is needed.

With a login consisting of only username and password, getting access to sensitive data could be easy for people who want to harm you. Especially when passwords are easy to guess. So it absolutely makes sense to consider a second method of authentication. Basically, there are three types of additional authentication:

  • Hardware: use a hardware device that you can take with you or keep in a safe place, if needed. Examples could be a hardware token (e.g. RSA), a bank card or a physical key.
  • Information: the system asks the user to provide some kind of information, which only he can know. Examples are security questions, personal IDs (PIN) or transaction numbers (TAN)
  • biological parameters like iris, voice or finger prints

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With all our products, the security of your data is of utmost importance. Keep important information where it belongs – within your company!
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