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When working in virtual teams, one of the biggest challenges is to make your communication as quick and as easy as possible. Do not waste time, focus your team communication!

Determine, together with your team, which communication means are the most useful in which situation.

Would you like to spread important news to your team? Forget emails with dozens of persons on CC, forget overflowing inboxes! Use the stream of your internal social media platform and, with just one click, notify the intended recipients via a Cast message.

A brief discussion about a customer inquiry? Contact your colleague quickly in your team chat and receive an answer within seconds.
You are not sure if you need more feedback? Invite another colleague to your chat and start a group discussion.

Sounds utopian? It is not! These new possibilities of communication are there!
Whether customers, partners, employees or supervisors – shorten the information paths and reduce the flood of emails in your company! Use your network without leakage of sensitive data.

This is how innovation can be enabled.

The more comprehensive the possibilities of communication are, the more important it is to provide your team with orientation: Which means of communication fulfills my current needs as fast and straightforward as possible?

You can guess it already. Very precisely: a “virtual media plan” can be very useful. This can be applied to your entire company as well as to each team or person individually, tailored to the particular needs. The specific characteristics of a team may play a significant role (languages, costs of telephone calls, different time zones, etc.).

Example of a Virtual Media Plan:

Type of Request 1. Preference 2. Preference
Short, quick inquiries Chat Email
Task assignments Ticket Email
Private topics Chat Email
Workshops Videocall Screensharing
Customer contact Meeting Phone
Transfer of sensitive data Email File Sync & Share / Intranet
Newsletter (internal) Cast Message Email
Constructive criticism Videocall / Phone Email
Scheduling Calendar invitation Email
Communication with the management Email Chat
Regular communication in the team Chat Videocall

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