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56% of German companies already have a digital agenda in place. The current phase of digitalization in Germany will presumably end in 2025. According to a survey by the German technology association VDE, 64% of their members agree with that statement. New business models and spontaneous, collaborative working methods will dictate the future of the workplace within companies and towards customers.

Digitalization saves time, staff and financial resources

A Bitkom survey showed that 86% of German, Austrian and Swiss companies think that digitalization is a big opportunity, mid-sized and service companies are leading the way.

Why do so many companies still hesitate?

The main reasons seem to be a lack of professionals and the fear of high, incalculable costs. Many companies have not yet recognized the need for change, while market researchers on the other hand predict that we are moving towards a “digital two-class society”. Do not turn away from digitalization as a topic. Prepare a realistic time schedule for the implementation!

Our Recommendation: Start on a modular basis and continue to digitalize step by step. Thus, the cost for your company will remain manageable and controllable. Staff can be continuously trained and integrated in the process. The use of open source solutions can help to protect the IT budget, and it can even help to reduce costs.

Digitization is a long and consistent path. It begins, like all long journeys, with the first step. The usage of online portal solutions and responsive browser based products for mobile devices are standard features of highly integrated, up-to-date application software. Here, fewer software products are the easier way to offer mobile and Internet-enabled usage as a natural functionality. Digitalization requires fewer software modules and programs. It needs integrated software packages, which support the processes between the service provider and its customers as well as its team members. Less software means less maintenance. (Source: “Digitalisierung will weniger Software”, read the complete article here.)

The Solution: Open Source products. These can be integrated flexibly into the already existing IT infrastructure and therefore they become increasingly attractive for customers. Security and agility are the hallmarks of open source solutions. Thousands of developers worldwide are busy developing the solution that fits your business needs. Take advantage of the cloud without risk by keeping full control over sensitive data, either by hosting in your own datacenter or in a datacenter of your choice. We develop software that meets the requirements of our customers – and not the other way round. Our commercial open source solutions and components are among the best on the market, they are scalable and adaptable to every conceivable requirement.

VNC’s open source enterprise applications meet all the performance and functional diversity requirements you are accustomed to from “traditional” software solutions.They, however, are also more flexible, secure and reliable. Reason enough for more and more leading companies worldwide to switch to commercial open source solutions. You can find information about our commercial open source software stack on

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