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With our latest VNCtask release (Version from 13.03.2019) we added another exciting feature: The delegation of tasks.

You will find extensive information about VNCtask HERE.

Productive delegation of tasks – what should be considered?

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Imagine a company, somewhere in the world: “Jim, please take care of this.”
Ad hoc delegation of tasks is rarely well received and probably will not produce satisfactory results either. Frustration for everybody involved is inevitable! Stress and demotivation quickly arise when the person concerned already has a number of tasks to work on within a short time-frame and may not even have the necessary resources (besides time, also knowledge, equipment and support from the team). At the same time, projects are not running well, tasks are not completed within the expected deadlines and quality does not meet the requirements of the customer. A vicious circle!
The more complex the task, the better it has to be planned! Delegating tasks properly increases the efficiency of a team and the quality of its results.

Meaningful delegation also means balancing work performance, intellectual capabilities and job satisfaction with employees.

VNCtask, our task management solution, helps you to delegate tasks, increase team efficiency, and give employees and freelancers a good overview of what to do exactly at any given moment. Whether in the office or on the go with the VNCtask app!

Best case, VNCtask is used in combination with VNCproject. By using the workload add-on module, project and product managers always have a quick overview of all the tasks of their team members, enabling them to include workload, skills and costs (hourly rate) in the planning and delegation of tasks.

Delegating Tasks – The Top 10 Points to Consider:

  • Meaningful and successful delegation of tasks increases the efficiency of a team
  • Identify reasons that might prevent delegation of tasks (e.g. lack of time) and remedies (good workload management)
  • Define requirements very precisely
  • Check if the requirements are 100% understood
  • Provide assistance with problems and questions (team, project managers, seniors)
  • Existing resources and capabilities within the team should be regularly updated through the use of good project management software, such as VNCproject
  • In order to motivate the team, it is of great importance to be able to assess the knowledge and abilities well (VNCproject Performance Ranking)
  • Give team members the opportunity to realize their full potential and learn new skills
    In case of negative results – no blame, better
    achieve improvements by constructive criticism and regular feedback and motivation of the team members
  • Arrange a team bonus on successful project completion – thus supporting the delegation of tasks

VNCtask – Increase efficiency in projects and stay organized!

You can find information about the VNCtask release version (changelog) here.
If you want to know more about VNCtask, visit our Website or contact us by email.

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