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The browser-based, open and fully customizable product will help your organization to successfully realize even complex projects within negotiated contract terms. VNCproject combines task and ticket management, scheduling, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time tracking, wikis and powerful project planning features. Having all these different features in one single project management tool enables you and your team to work fast and efficiently as never before. Keep your projects in focus and your customers happy!

The most important changes of VNCproject Version 3.0.0:

New features:

  • Portfolio Module – The VNCproject users can now use a Portfolio module which shows a summary and a detailed view of the project status for the projects assigned to them. You can also drag and drop a ticket between versions within a project. The managers can view tickets assigned to all team members, e.g. developers and testers within a project. The developers and testers can view tickets assigned to them.
  • Redmine CVE Fixes for Debians Redmine package
  • Removed Private project access for anonymous users
  • Added local Avatar plugin in VNCproject
  • Added a new filter: “Author or Assigned” for issues
  • Roadmap Drag and Drop feature: Users can now drag and drop tickets between versions
  • Data is displayed as per filters on roadmap and version pages. For e.g. Open tickets, Closed tickets etc.
  • EVM – Added option for schedule variance in EVM. Created option in Project settings named as “EVM Type”. Three options can be selected here – Software Development, Support Projects, Other Projects. If project type is “Software Development”, then schedule variance will be calculated
  • Added new Entity “Agency”. Now an agency can be created in VNCproject. Agency owners and members of that agency can be added. The agency owner will get access to view the timesheets of their agency members only
  • Added filters on workload page: now users can filter based on priority, ticket type etc.
  • Wiki pages from public projects are now accessible without login to VNCproject
  • Implemented time overrun warning message


  • Access projects at global level – Provided pagination on Global Projects view
  • Roadmap of a projects – Added Pagination to view 100 tickets at a time. User can change view mode
  • Backlogs – User can view 2 nearest versions based on due date and can change filters to view all
  • PM Dashboard Global – Optimized for faster loading of data
  • PM Dashboard – Update Data with EVM – Optimized for faster loading of data
  • Workload – if all users are selected – Given option to display 25 users. The users can change pagination options
  • ITIL Statistics – Displays 5 projects at a time for faster loading of data. Users can also view all data
  • Roles – Permissions Report – Optimized to view report for all permissions and roles faster.
  • Updated EVM with real time calculations – Changed EVM calculations so they are calculated via DB instead of Rake jobs to improve performance


  • “Target Version” filter bug on Issues Page. User can now see versions as “open” and “Closed” while using the filter.
  • Changing the role of a user in a project. Error was thrown while removing a role assigned to a user. Fixed
  • Removing users from projects doesn’t check whether they still have jobs in project. Fixed
  • The issues were not sorted based on spent time column. Fixed
  • Time overrun email and ticket comment was not showing “Time over run by” correctly. Fixed
  • Removed Due date and Start date’s required validation in case dates are being derived from subtasks. „Ask Customer” button on Incident Summary Page was cutting. Fixed
  • Fixed error of pages “My Calendar” “Gantt” “Calendar”
  • Name’s list of feature “time overrun by” is not in the order A-Z. Fixed
  • Sorting based on version name, date is fixed in “Version” page of a project
  • EVM report bug. Fixed
  • When an existing role is removed and a new role is assigned to a user, the user gets removed from members list. Fixed

VNCproject is the perfect project management tool to handle even complex projects. With VNCproject you have the all-in-one solution for your daily work. VNCproject supports an unlimited amount of projects, sub-projects, multiple databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite and pushes your project management to the next level.

For more information about VNCproject, please visit VNClagoon. Or arrange a call or Webinar:

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