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VNCproject – the perfect project management product for taking control in complex projects.

The browser-based, open and fully customizable product leaves nothing to be desired: VNCproject combines task and ticket management, scheduling, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time tracking, wikis and powerful project planning features. Having all these different features in one single project management tool enables you to work as fast and efficient as never before.

The most important changes of VNCproject Version 2.4.2.:

  • SLA – Service hours were missing weekdays. We have added weekdays on which Service hours will be applicable.
  • EVM – Contract value bug fixed. It was showing different contract values to some users like 125.000 and to others as 125,000
  • ITIL – Link a change to an incident. The workflow is changed, so when a customer raises an incident which is actually a change request, the Helpdesk Manager or Member can now link this incident to a new change in the appropriate project/version or can link it to an existing ticket in the project/version. The owner of the Incident and the Helpdesk manager will get notifications once the change is fixed and deployed and they can close the incident faster.
  • Issues – due date and assignee are removed on a ticket if the ticket is put on hold
  • EVM – Contract value changes are added in EVM rake job calculation
  • Responsive Design – Filter drop down position in issues page is fixed
  • Incidents – The timer on the Incident page is stopped for non SLA days and timer is not stopped when the page is refreshed.
  • Projects – Removing users from a project will first check if they have any open tickets in the project or not. If there are open tickets, then it will not allow to remove a user.
  • Create / Update ITIL tickets via email.
  • EVM – Creating admin feature to update EVM history values
  • Design – All Buttons on Incident summary page were not clearly visible. (Fixed)
  • Projects – Whenever a due date of a project is approved, the users with roadmap manager and product owner role in a project will get a notification. All product managers should update their roles in the respective projects and add themselves as Product Owner in their projects.
  • Roadmap – Test Case versions will not be included in the Roadmap. We have added a checkbox “Include Version in Roadmap display” and this is checked by default. If we want to exclude any version from the roadmap, we can uncheck this box.
  • Global Issues – Added Filter “Time overrun by” for better EVM visibility. Now the EVM controller can use this filter along with other filters to check who caused a time overrun.
  • Issues – If a ticket is created as a “Bug Report”, all users with Tester role will be added automatically as a watcher on the ticket.
  • Transalation fixes on different pages
  • Responsive Design fixes
  • Estimation approver role can change the estimates for tickets assigned to him/her.
  • EVM – Show / Hide EVM values on a ticket. This feature is for admins. If they dont want to see EVM values by default on a ticket, they can hide it in the “my accounts” section by unchecking “Show EVM data” box.
  • Added version ID in Purchase orders
  • Optimization – Roadmap view was improved. Now we can show 500 tickets by default which will be quick to load if we have lots of tickets and versions in a project roadmap. Page Navigation is added and the user has the option to view the roadmap with 25, 50, 100 or 500 tickets per page. This will significantly improve the Roadmap page loading times.
  • Optimization – Added pagination for Global Projects. This will help to load page faster.

VNCproject is the perfect project management tool to handle even complex projects. VNCproject is based upon open source, web-based, flexible, and can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Seamless integration of other VNC applications can be achieved.

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