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Reduce costs, save time and improve your carbon footprint with video conferences!

According to an article in the Welt, Thuringia’s Finance Minister Heike Taubert (SPD) has spoken out in favor of the use of video conferences. Taubert said that the cost of full-day business trips to Berlin was too high, too expensive and did not make ecological sense.

Video conferencing and other digital communication tools can make a significant contribution to reducing costs, saving time and improving your carbon footprint.
The need to travel to meetings can be significantly reduced through videoconferencing and screen sharing, without sacrificing any important exchange and confidential discussion of business matters.

However, caution is warranted, especially in sensitive user groups as in finance ministries of federal states and the federal government: If digital communication tools are used here, special attention must be paid to security. This means that almost all conventional, proprietary products, such as Slack or Skype, can be ruled out, as their data are residing on US servers and are subject to the Cloud Act, for example. The Federal Government in Germany needs to find a professional solution, which takes into account both: technical progress and security.

Another factor to consider is that digital communication can only be fast and time-saving if users and organisations agree on joint communication technologies and channels.

Digital communication – YES, and secure!

VNCtalk as a real-time communication software is designed as a component of VNClagoon to be operated in a data center of your choice (on-premise or private cloud) and offers, in addition to the auditability of the source code and the free choice of servers, a completely customizable range of functions for all requirements. Video conferences, telephony, chat, screen share, broadcasts and whiteboards can be used from one user interface. It is possible to use different devices such as desktop PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.The design of VNCtalk can be completely adapted to customer requirements and corporate design. Thus, VNCtalk is one of the top applications of digital communication and can be used GDPR compliant and for security-relevant communication.

You want to learn more about VNCtalk? Have a look at our VNCtalk Explainer Video to get a first impression or find more information about VNCtalk on our website.

Software innovation in the Protestant Church

A perfect example for the implementation of reliable and secure digital communication is shown by the Evangelical Church Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) in the project “Church Intranet” (LKI). The LKI is fundamentally based on the VNClagoon product suite.

“EKBO Dialog” (a branded version of VNCtalk) has now been used for a year for fast and direct communication via chat, audio / video conference, screen sharing and file transfer as a secure alternative to WhatsApp, Skype or similar messenger services that must not be used in the church environment for data protection reasons.

This example of a safe and responsible usage of digital communication media can be transferred to politics and government authorities as well.

The Protestant Church Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz (EKBO) has published a video on the occasion of the State Synode 2019 about the “Church Intranet” (LKI).

Watch the video of the EKBO right here in the blog (German language):

Another exciting question is whether GDPR and business software are compatible.
Read more about this in our blog article from October 2019.

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