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VNCproject Recruitment

The newest version 3.7.1 of our project management software VNCproject includes a new module: “VNCproject Recruitment”.

VNCproject Recruitment – What can I do with it? What is it for?

With “VNCproject Recruitment” we have developed and integrated a module into VNCproject that supports different stakeholders in an organisation during one of the central and most important tasks – the selection of new team members: the C-level management, managers (in our company e.g. in product development), the human resources department, project managers and recruiters (also external). Our goal was to make recruitment more transparent within an organisation and to ensure that everybody involved has access to all data amassed during the selection process.

VNCproject Recruitment is vastly customizable to your requirements. All data that are generated are not stored in mere “data silos”, but are managed at a central location (VNCproject) and can be used for further purposes. For example, you can track the development of a team member regarding certain skills (e.g. Angular development) over a certain timeframe with “VNCproject Assessment” and you can compare the current status with the skillset at the time of hiring.

The sensitive data of your applicants will be stored exclusively on your own servers or in the data centre of your choice in accordance with data protection regulations. You retain absolute and sole control over your data.

Joint decision making:

Recruiting new employees for complex, interdisciplinary or even highly specialized jobs has long since ceased to be the sole responsibility of recruiters. Finding, hiring and retaining well-trained, professional personnel with the desired social skills, and making the best possible use of all available human resources is the central task of lots of stakeholders in a company.

By using VNCproject Recruitment you ensure that everybody involved has access to the relevant data and evaluation results. This enables efficient cooperation during the recruitment process and fast, well-founded decisions.

Do you work with freelancers or subcontractors? Create a talent pool so that you can select the best team for each project. You can record, evaluate, weight and document the availability (hours per week) of freelancers, their hourly rate and the expertise (skill level) in VNCproject. All relevant factors are clearly visible in VNCproject and available for all persons involved in the recruiting process at any time.

Thus, VNCproject offers you an innovative platform for the recruitment process directly in your project management system and enables the collection and presentation of the following data:

  • Job Position
  • Job Description
  • Applicant management with recruitment stages
  • Assessment with evaluation of skills (you can define individual skills, e.g. programming languages) and skill levels, resulting in an actual score for the applicant regarding a specific position. This gives you an option to compare all candidates at a glance.
  • Skill levels with granular assessment and adjustment for each position during the recruitment process.
  • Weighting of skills (percentage) for each job, this defines the importance of individual skills for a specific position.

VNCproject Recruitment enables recruiters in collaboration with team managers and C-level management to make prompt, comprehensible and “objective” decisions based on facts and to include and evaluate different factors in the recruitment process (Score System) to find the candidate, who is most qualified for the advertised position.

A recruitment process usually comprises various stages. In VNCproject Recruitment you see an overview of all phases and the associated candidates in a list or in a Kanban view, in which the most important applicant data are visible in cards that can be moved comfortably between the stages by Drag & Drop.

Talent Pool: So, you hired someone for a job. But you still have several good applicants who might be a good fit for another job. Now you can save the applicants’ data in a structured way, even after the current application procedure has been completed (if you have received consent for the data to be retained) to fill other positions in the future. This saves costs and time (e.g. assessment already done, skills with scores recorded)! Thus, under certain circumstances, further positions can be filled in the future without having to place job advertisements again.

VNCproject has been developed to manage core processes within an organisation and is part of the VNClagoon software stack. Your advantage: Everything from one source, no data silos, meta-search across all VNClagoon products, meta-tagging – all existing content, documents and data in your company can be filtered, tagged and searched across all applications via one single access point.

About VNCproject: The browser-based, open and fully customizable solution leaves nothing to be desired: VNCproject combines task and ticket management, scheduling, progress monitoring, Gantt charts as well as time tracking, wikis and powerful project planning functions. With all these different functions in a single project management tool you can work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

VNCproject: 360-degree enterprise project management

We developed the following additional modules for VNCproject:
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6) VNCproject Recruitment
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Further information about VNCproject can be found on or contact us by email:

VNCproject is part of our VNClagoon Business Software Stack

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