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VNC Virtual Network Consult, Zug, 07. May 2019 – VNCtask Version 1.3.3-359 released.

Now VNCtalk comes with even more convenient task management features.

VNCtask – the perfect tool for team players:

We bet you know this situation:

Tasks are piling up in front of you, you are stressed and you don’t know what to do first. The first hint of panic! Deadlines loom darkly in the not too distant future …. and additionally there is an important team meeting coming up.

And suddenly – an unexpected twist: your new colleague offers support. “Should I prepare the presentations for the meeting on Thursday?” she says with a smile and  relieve washes over you. This definitely means a minimum of 3 hours of less work for you!

The trainee, sitting at the desk across you adds with a lopsided grin: “And I could prepare the evaluation of the last customer survey in advance.”

Wow! Great colleagues, a great team!


Unfortunately, your relief does not last too long, and you are kind of tense during the next few days. Of course you do not want to ask your colleague or trainee for detailed feedback or status updates every two hours. But how talented is the new colleague at all when creating presentations? Does the intern still think about the evaluation? Will  all the preparation be done on time?

Relax, because:

VNCtask now supports you and your team even better in managing and delegating tasks, enabling efficient task management. You can define requirements in detail and track the progress of your own tickets and of tickets that you have assigned to other team members.

Get organized!
Use complex task lists and work with your team members with VNCtask Professional.

Advantages of VNCtask:

  • VNCtask is simple and intuitive – tasks can be created in a few seconds with a few clicks
  • Never lose track of your tasks and appointments.
  • Assign tasks
  • Keep track of the progress of the delegated tasks with the “Watch” function and the “% done” progress bar
  • Quick overview by filtering for “tickets I watch” or “tickets assigned to me”
  • Stay informed and stay in touch with your team.
  • Log your working hours directly in VNCtask ==> Perfect in combination with VNCproject
  • Work from different devices ==> synchronization
  • Plan your day perfectly by tagging similar tasks and topics and then doing them one after another (Never Break The Chain)
  • Organization: Use complex task lists and work with your team members with VNCtask Professional.

All functions of the VNCtask base version and VNCtask Professional can be found HERE.

With the new release of VNCtask we can easily organize and plan tasks; and it enables me to manage my team‘s workload in a fast and efficient way. The main scope of this release was the implementation of more features in VNCtask, as we have them in our main tool VNCproject. Now we can additionally log spent time, add “% done” and add watchers to tasks. In addition, we added new filters, implemented a location feature and added the possibility to save searches. This new release will help to be more productive, track the work of the team and get things done faster.

Michaela Pfaffel

Project Manager, VNC

The most important innovations at a glance:

New filters, fields and options: VNCtask users can now also filter tasks for new and watched tickets, insert location information and URLs into tickets and save predefined search queries. The newly added “% done” progress bar gives users a quicker overview of what percentage of a task has already been completed. This supports and motivates especially with complex tasks. The new “Watcher” field makes it easier to keep track of delegated tasks and their execution. Watchers of a ticket can also easily see what the status of the given task is by using the “% done” display.

Brand new: the VNCtask time tracking! Time spent on a task can be quickly and clearly understood. The status of the ticket (% done) is updated automatically. This new feature can be used best in combination with VNCproject because in VNCproject the corresponding ticket is automatically updated and the logged time is included in the overall project.

Improvements in handling (VNCtask app): Instead of an extra button, VNCtask can now be updated by swiping down on the smartphone. The spinner icon for loading has been adjusted and we optimized the password change.

VNCtask – Increase efficiency in projects and stay organized!

For information about VNCtask Version1.3.3-359 (change log) click HERE.

If you want to know more about VNCtask, visit our website or contact us via email.

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