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VNCtask is better than ever and now available also as task management app for iOS. Its highly user-centric design makes it very easy to use.

VNCtask is focusing on the quick entry of tasks. The user will be walked through the most important fields like task type, description, due date, priority by a kind of task avatar. This allows a very fast capture of tasks and a later refinement of information.

VNCtask features comprise recurring tasks, task delegation, priority setting, tags and much more – depending on the version – single user, small Org, Enterprise.

To slice and dice tasks, it’s of course very handy to search, sort, update and link tasks to projects. And yes, VNCtask comes with a notification engine to never miss any due dates.

Customers can use VNCtask as a stand-alone App or as an extension of VNCproject – our full blown project management and ticket system with dozens of powerful modules. Furthermore, individual users and teams can collaborate on complex workloads, share knowledge and ensure the delivery of any kind of project with different methods like Scrum, Agile, Waterfall planning, including complex cost control mechanisms.

Key Functionalities of VNCtask

  • Task Creation/Details/Update/Delete
  • Comments on tasks
  • Delegation of tasks
  • Task Reminders
  • Email and pop-up Notifications
  • Task Lists
  • Bulk task update
  • Sorting
  • Search
  • Advanced Filters
  • Responsive Design & PWA
  • OS / Platform Independent

New in VNCtask 1.2.0

  • Task Creation/Details/Update/Delete
  • Add attachments to a task
  • Add Reminders to a task
  • Release as iOS App
  • Upload a photo and crop to Avatar
  • Global / Advanced Search

VNCtask – next version

  • New task notification
  • Due date reminder
  • Design updates

Organize and share your personal tasks or quickly update a work-related task. No matter what you have to get done, the task management app VNCtask makes it very easy to be super productive and efficient.

Try VNCtask today. Perfect for managing and communicating about tasks side-by-side. Comment on tasks to answer questions, link to relevant work for more context and tag team mates to loop them into discussions.

VNCtask is designed to remove the complexities of typical task management or To-Do list Apps. Visit our VNCtask home page.

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