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Teamwork is the key to improving productivity in any organization. Quickly providing feedback to colleagues, and asking for updates on tasks should not take hours or days. Our customers want easy to use project and task management solutions and this is what we deliver with VNCtask.

Regardless of your occupation or industry, having to deal with multiple deadlines is commonplace in just about every business. It’s easy to lose track of details and fall behind with your task when you have so much to do, but VNCtask can help keep things well under control. What’s more, you don’t need any special training to use VNCtask. It works straight out-of-the-box.

Cross-platform and responsive technology lets our users work from any modern device that supports a browser, or work from our native Android / iOS Apps. As a result, you can prioritize your work and never forget an important task. Saving valuable time and resources.

Key Functionalities of VNCtask

  • Task Creation/Details/Update/Delete
  • Comments on tasks
  • Delegation of tasks
  • Task Reminders
  • Email Notifications
  • Task Lists
  • Bulk tasks update
  • Sorting
  • Search
  • Advanced Filters
  • Encryption
  • Responsive Design
  • Platform Independent

VNCtask can help keep things well under control.

Try VNCtask today.  Perfect for managing tasks and communicating about tasks side-by-side. Comment on tasks to answer questions, link to relevant work for more context and tag teammates to loop them into discussions.

VNCtask is designed to remove the complexities of typical task management or To-Do list apps. Visit our VNCtask home page.

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