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We released the latest version of VNCcalendar with some new features.

We added a functionalities to print events and to tag an event straight from it‘s right-click kebab menu. Of course, tags can also removed via this menu. In the desktop versions (browser and desktop client) we improved the layout of the „Quick Add Appointment“ window: we added a marker for mandatory fields, which are now displayed with an asterisk. In addition, we added field labels for the start and end date as well as a status icon. To make the event planning even more powerful we added an „Equipment“ field to the event creating/editing window. Now users can add required equipment, for example flipcharts, whiteboards or whatever else is needed for a meeting. Also new: a time focus when quick adding an appointment. When a user creates a new appointment the start date and time stick on the current date.

We changed the layout of the confirmation popup for deleting tags. We found the old layout with the side scroll bar for long tag names inefficient and changed it to a more convenient design, where the full tag name is displayed at a glance.

We also had to fix some minor bugs. So now every field in the New/Edit appointment window has it‘s own label to make the event handling more structured. The time display for the snooze option of the event reminders was also improved as well as the time and date field behavior of the “New/edit appointment” window. Furthermore, now all shared calendars are displayed as intended in the calendar view and we fixed the layout for the “Quick add appointment” popup.

You can find all features and changes in our Release Notes.

If you are curious about VNCcalendar, have look at our website or write us an email to

VNCcalendar is one of the core components within the VNClagoon stack.

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