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We released the latest version of VNCproject (Version 3.6.8) and added some cool new features to make VNCproject even more powerful.

Version 3.6.8 includes a new search box type called “select2” to make long dropdown lists more convenient.

The second brand new feature allows users to use the @mention functionality now also in meta roadmaps, which we have integrated in Version 2.3.7. This means in case several team members are working on one Meta Roadmap, they can now use the @”plus name” of the team member (@mention) in a comment of a meta task to directly notify the respective team member. This is a functionality you may know  from VNCtalk or other business messengers. It makes collaboration easier and allows quick questions regarding the Roadmap or a meta task to involved team members.

We also redesigned the complete ticket design, all tickets now have a more modern and clear look and handling.

In the future, we will provide the release notes of new products automatically on our website, as we have implemented a new API to grab all information from a special release notes tab in each ticket. With this API, all relevant information for a particular roadmap version can be easily provided and the release notes manager can decide between three types of release note publishing. A separate blog post will follow.

The latest version of VNCproject also contains adjustable SLA warning notifications and allows to add mockups to release notes. Read about all new features and fixes in our Release Notes!

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