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We at VNC are the designers, developers, testers and also first users of our VNClagoon products. Our team is working with our products productively in various departments, e.g. software development, project management, accounting, controlling and sales. Many new features of our products originated within our team.

Therefore, we’d like to share some hands on VNClagoon experiences within our team.

In this testimonial our Project Manager Michaela Pfaffel talks about VNCproject and its advantages for her work.

VNCproject includes everything you need to track and manage mulitple customer projects.It‘s really easy to create and delegate tasks, track work progress or report results.

With the included Gantt Chart you can view the duration of project phases, the team’s activities and the interrelation between tasks. This allows you to see at a glance what has to be done and when.

The workload management features provide a great overview, which allows you to manage your team and resources effectively. Knowing what tasks your team members are spending their time on, the ability to delegate new tasks and to maintain a balanced workload are core advantages of the implemented workload management tool. I‘m really fascinated by the ease of managing my team members and prioritise work tasks across projects for all project members over time. Workload management gives a great overview of current and predicted resource availability.

Another important advantage of VNCproject in customer projects is the easy access for all team members to all project related data during all project phases. It‘s really simple to represent all the different roles in a project, it’s is also possible to give the customer access to the project, so he can get a quick overview of the actual project status. In addition to that, you can assign tasks to the customer, for example if there are open questions or tasks which have to be completed by the customer during the project implementation. Everyone who is included in the project receives updated information about the project status, without me having to send emails with the latest information to all project members. Furthermore there is always a perfect history of the project’s progress – everything is well documented for every single task.

To sum up, you will be able to react quickly when a project is beginning to deviate from its intended course and it‘s possible to manage all projects anywhere and on any platform.

Michaela Pfaffel

Project Manager, VNC GmbH

If you like to read more about VNCproject, visit VNClagoon or browse through our Blog.

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