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Are you looking for an efficient solution for the planning of human resources?
In this 4th part of our series about our project management tool VNCproject we will highlight the benefits of recording working time and using timesheets in VNCproject.

Time recording:

With the help of tickets, your company’s employees can record their working hours and correlate the time spent to exact projects and activities. This shows transparently how much time was spent on each project or task.
As a result, resources can be redistributed, tasks can be reassigned or work processes can be adapted if necessary. A structured and goal-oriented work becomes possible. VNCproject is browser based, so every employee can record his time from everywhere in the world.
A separate tool for time recording is no longer needed.


Timesheets and Controlling:

The hours worked can be easily evaluated for a predefined period of time, for example weekly or monthly. Working hours of your team members are displayed in the timesheet with clear structure, showing the date of delivery, type of activity, corresponding project, ticket and comments.
Team Manager, Project Manager or the employees themselves get an overview of hours worked and the status of their tasks.
The tickets, shown in the employee or project timesheet can be accessed directly from the timesheet to get detailed information, for example how many hours were spent on project related tickets or general activities like internal communication and meetings.

An assessment of the employee’s work becomes possible and expected working time can be compared with the time and effort actually needed to solve a task or problem. It’s also possible to compare productive with collaborative work, like meetings and communication for example. Thus VNCproject can be used as evaluation tool by HR, team management and management. Every user can easily track his working hours and adjust his planning to avoid overtime and minus hours.

Timesheets for the evaluation of your projects:

The timesheet can also be shown for a certain project only. Just predefine a period and select a project. You have the possibility to sort all entries by user, issue or date. This way you are able to get a great overview about ongoing or finished projects directly in the project timesheet. It shows all team members involved, the type of Activity, Version, Issue, Comment and Working time as default. You can also add custom fields to get specific information directly within the timesheet module, like for example Billing Type or Product.

You need to send a report or create a customer invoice? It is also possible to export the timesheet as PDF or CSV file.

Interested in information about VNCproject? Don’t hesitate to contact us or watch our VNCproject Tutorials on Youtube.

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