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On January 28, 1981, the European Data Privacy Convention was signed. With the European Data Privacy Day Europe wants to raise its citizens’ awareness for data protection. Since 2008, the USA and Canada have joined this awareness day with Europe.

Digital communication has long been an essential part of everyday life. Whether in business or private, hardly anyone can do without digital communication. Whether phone, email, messenger or social media, our world has become digital. With the increasing number of these digital helpers, new security problems have emerged. While a letter that someone has opened often has clear signs, this is less easily detected with digital communication.

Especially for companies, this sometimes results in fatal security problems. Small businesses often use free software offerings to keep operating costs low.

But especially in the digital world, nothing is for free!

Even if you do not pay for the applications, you often give more of your data to the software companies than you need to. The terms and conditions of some applications sometimes read like a horror story, on the PC but especially in apps. The download charts of the most popular apps speak a clear language: Apparently, only a few users read through what permissions exactly an app on the phone demands and what data the software provider picks up and for what purpose.

In order to protect users from the misuse of their data, the GDPR came into force in 2018. Despite this rather extensive action Whatsapp, Dropbox and others are still found in many companies.

Another problem are the leaks occurring regularly. Most recently, 773 million e-mail addresses and 21 million associated passwords were published on the internet. As a user you are hardly protected from these leaks, outdated software and new security issues make the used providers vulnerable, 100% secure digital communication is impossible. But you can check your e-mail address(es) at The site constantly updates publicly available leaks and can tell you whether your addresses were captured during an attack. If you are affected, change your password for the affected address as soon as possible and make your employees aware of how to deal with business and personal data.

VNC specializes in providing secure software. Your data in our software is protected against unauthorized access, but above all you decide where your data are hosted. On-site on your own servers or in our highly secure data center in Switzerland, as well as in Germany. To learn more about our secure solutions, visit or arrange a personal webinar on our products via

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